Metallic Mica Flakes

Our unique, natural mica mineral flake system makes resinous flooring glisten with natural crystalline beauty.  These unique metallic flakes are derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals known as mica, including muscovite, phlogopite, biotite and clintonite, just to name a few.  These unique flakes provide a natural metallic luster to resinous flooring systems that cannot be achieved with any other engineered materials.  Choose from 15 gorgeous signature colors or one of our sales professionals can help you design a custom color utilizing 6 natural mixable colors.

15 Choices, 10 Macro(large), 5 Micro(small)

Macro - (large)

Aztec Bombay Diamond Dusk
Galaxy Gold Rush Golden Eagle Midnight
Silver Sky Taj Mahal

Micro - (small)

Granite Night Sky Stonehenge Tigers Eye